Spelling dictionaries

Additional dictionaries

TeXnicCenter is distributed with English, German and French dictionaries. Dictionaries for several other languages are provided by the OpenOffice.org project.

Installing dictionaries

TeXnicCenter uses the Hunspell spell checker whose dictionaries consist of two files: an affix and a dictionary file. Single file dictionaries with the .oxt file extension have to be decompressed first using a file archiver utility such as 7-Zip.

Both the affix file language-dialect.aff and the dictionary file language-dialect.dic are copied into the Language directory in TeXnicCenter’s installation folder. The new dictionary will appear in the Spelling option page immediately, but your new selection will not take affect until TeXnicCenter has been restarted.

Personal dictionaries format

The personal dictionary format is a simple text file with one case-sensitive word per line. The first line contains the approximate number of words in the dictionary. If the first line doesn’t contain a valid number, then TeXnicCenter guesses the size of the word list. Failing to place a blank line or a number as the first line in the personal dictionary file will cause the first word in the dictionary to be lost.

Using a word list from another application as personal dictionary

You may use any word list that is in the format accepted by the personal dictionary. You will also need read and write access to the personal dictionary file.

Correcting spelling errors in the dictionary

If the spelling error is in your personal dictionary open your personal dictionary file in any text editor and remove or correct the incorrect word. If you believe you have found a spelling error in the main dictionary, ensure that the mis-spelling really is an error. First, ensure you have the correct language and dialect. The dialect determines which spelling of words with multiple spellings to use. Next, review your language and spelling option settings. If you still believe that you have found a spelling error in a main dictionary, you should contact the author or maintainer of the dictionary directly.